Elementary Grid Generation System(EGGS)
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Numerical Lab Toolbox for Matlab R13
  1. After unzipping numlabtb.zip, it will create a directory named numlabtb(New version is numlab R13), you may want to move it to your matlab\toolbox diretory and add path for it.
  2. Numerical Lab ToolBox only works for MATLAB 5(Update to Matlab 6.5), some of its modules require Symbolic Math ToolBox.Type Ver under Matlab Command Window,check it:

  3. Under MATLAB command window, after proper pathing,  type numlab to activate Numerical Lab ToolBox. When Numerical Lab ToolBoxis activated, it will come out the following main control panl:

  4. Use the mouse to click the chapter you are interested in on the left content panel, and the right content panel will show subjects under that chapter. Click the subject you are interested in and that subject will be activated.
  5. This software can only run a subject at one time. Running two subjects at the same time may cause confusion in MATLAB workspace due to the overlapping of the global variables. If you wish to run two subjects at the same time, open another MATLAB session.
  6. For further information, please click the help button in the main panel. Since help is written in html format, you need to use web browser to read it. Only MATLAB 5.1 requires you to activate your web browser first. Other higher version will automatically activate your web browser. Besides, some help files are written in PDF format. You need to install ADOBE ACROBAT Reader to read them. A copy of that is downloaded and stored in the directory numlabtb\acrobat reader\, or you can download one from http://www.adobe.com.

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